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Welcome to Azam Wira Sdn Bhd, one stop centre for toilet cubicles, toilet partitions, shower cubicles, shower enclosure and laboratory worktop. We have been a Malaysia's toilet cubicles and toilet partitions manufacturer since 2001 and we will be here always. It is because of you, we're here. We listen to what you want and deliver at your request. It was a humble start back in 2001 where everything was started harder and resources are limited. We manage To pull through, of course due to supports from satisfied clients. Most of our clients are educated clients. They are very happy with our services and started to recommend to other contractors.

HPL Board

Our Systems

HPL Board or compact laminates are made from selected kraft and printed papers impregnated with thermosetting synthetic ...

Toilet Cubicles Products

AZW Toilet Cubicles Products

AZW toilet cubicles system model AZW generally consist of High Pressure Laminates (HPL) Board with melamine resin...



Adjustable Leg, Coat Hook, Thumb Turn Lock Set, Hinge , L Bracket, Door Knob, and Indicator Lock Set ...

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High Quality Shower Cubicles and Toilet Partitions

Azam Wira Sdn Bhd is a great company to work with, be it you are looking for toilet cubicles or toilet partitions. Azam Wira Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of toilet cubicles, shower partitons and toilet partitions in Malaysia since 2001 and have made a deep impression ever since their humble beginnings with limited resources with their customers, working their way through to the successful shower cubicle company they are today with hard work and the wonderful support of their loyal and satisfied clients... read more

Urinal Panel Fittings

Urinal panels are common in public rest rooms and they are currently being fitted in private homes. They have many benefits ranging from eco-friendliness and avoiding conflicts about what positions the toilet seat should be left to cost-efficient water usage. Setting up a urinal requires installing many fittings using the basic plumbing tools. You can get all the urinal fittings from Azam Wira Sdn Bhd that provides a one stop center for toilet cubicles and partitions among other products like laboratory worktop and shower cubicles... read more

Shower Cubicles – The Benefits of Installing Shower Cubicles

A shower cubicle is a shower enclosure system that can be installed into the bathroom. These bathroom products are becoming more popular as they feature strong design and construction as well as easy to use handle. They are also designed to save space, to be easier to clean and to hold personal shower accessories. There are even some which come with self-cleaning glass which prevents water from settling on it. If installed correctly, these accessories are a welcome addition to your bathroom. Here are a few benefits of installing shower cubicles.
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How To Choose The Right Shower Partition For Your Bathroom

There will come a time when you would want to choose the right shower partition for your bathroom in order to take a proper shower. In fact, it would feel great to start the day with a proper shower. Surely, the shower enclosure would play a huge part in Amaking sure that you enjoy your shower whether or not you prefer to do it with or hot or cold water. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing shower enclosures that are available online... read more

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