High Quality Shower Cubicles and Toilet Partitions

Azam Wira Sdn Bhd is a great company to work with, be it you are looking for toilet cubicles or toilet partitions. Azam Wira Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of toilet cubicles, shower cubicles and toilet partitions in Malaysia since 2001 and have made a deep impression ever since their humble beginnings with limited resources with their customers, working their way through to the successful shower cubicle company they are today with hard work and the wonderful support of their loyal and satisfied clients. They deliver to the customer's needs and listen to what they want, which is why their customers recommend their services to other toilet contractors! Making the customer happy and doing quality work is Azam Wira Sdn Bhd's number one priority.

Sophisticated Toilet Cubicle System – AZW Cubicle System

Azam Wira Sdn Bhd offers a sophisticated Toilet Cubicle System that is the AZW cubicle system model. The AZW cubicle system is composed of High Pressure Laminates, or H.P.L., and the board is made up of melamine resin which has impregnated paper applied to both sides. The aluminum channels are heavy duty and all the fittings and fixings that are necessary come exactly to manufacturer's details. The AZW toilet cubicle system has a variety within its series that all use H.P.L. board with the melamine resin impregnated paper for both sides. Every series comes with their respective specification as well as different designs that clients can choose from! Choose from the excellent variety of toilet cubicle series that includes the Tuah Series, Pendekar Series, Mahkota Series or Perkasa Series.

Making the client happy and ensuring that they are happy is a priority. The Cubicle system has a wide range of systems that can be chosen from to suit each individual project. No matter what your budget is like or what you are looking for, there is a product among the range that can cater to you! These products are durable, with long lasting and strong build as well as rigid feature. They are not likely to break or prove to be of low quality any time soon, we can guarantee. With competitive pricing, you can make your budget no matter where you are on the scale economically or budget wise!

The Systemss provided by AZW Toilet Cubicle can meet all of the demands that you need! It is the number one in choices for the toilet cubicle system among customers and buyers. In addition, there are the board applications for the H.P.L. boards, or high pressure laminated boards. The compact laminates are preferred in the market as the most efficient and effective for someone who wants an interesting approach that remains practical at the same time. This board is one of the best in the market, working great for a toilet cubicle system or a work top or racks, as well as cabinets or a laboratory work top system.

Provide the best in shower cubicles as well! Standard cubicles now come with a minimum of a 450mm diameter for a space that exists within the cubicle. The interior indicator-bolts must be shown to be capable of operation with a single action closed fist, and the doors should allow for emergency access in case the user faints and cannot get out of the cubicle on their own. Try the best in shower cubicles and toilet partitions today!