Malaysia's Urinal Panel Fittings Manufacturer

Urinal panels are common in public rest rooms and they are currently being fitted in private homes. They have many benefits ranging from eco-friendliness and avoiding conflicts about what positions the toilet seat should be left to cost-efficient water usage. Setting up a urinal requires installing many fittings using the basic plumbing tools. You can get all the urinal fittings from Azam Wira Sdn Bhd that provides a one stop center for toilet cubicles and partitions among other products like laboratory worktop and shower cubicles. It has been manufacturing these fittings since 2001 and it has pulled through mainly because of the support it get from its satisfied clients. It is a good company to work with especially when looking for fittings or advice on how to set up your urinal panel. Below are some of the products that you may consider for your project.

Toiletries and Accessories

Azam Wira Sdn Bhd offers different types of urinal accessories. There are three major categories that are based on the material used, for instance there are zinc, nylon and stainless accessories. Zinc accessories include coat hook, cook hook, adjustable leg, hinge, lock set and l-bracket. Nylon accessories include adjustable leg, coat-hook, door hinge, indicator lock set and thumb turn lock set while stainless steel accessories include a door knob, coat hook, door knob, l-bracket, door hinge and lock set.

AZW Cubicle System

It is a sophisticated toilet cubicle system by Azam Wira Sdn Bhd. It is composed of high pressure laminates. It is made up of melamine resin that has impregnated papers on its two sides. It requires heavy duty aluminum channels with heavy fittings with fixings and fittings that come with exact manufacturer's details. It comes in different series that include Tuah series, Perkasa series, Mahkota series and Pendekar series. Each series has its own features as described below:

1. Tuah series- It has a simple and functional design with the necessary qualities for practical washroom environment. It is complete with nylon complaints fittings and comes with wide range of colors. It is 10mm thick and made to measure.

2. Perkasa series- It is complete with shoe box and stainless steel accessories. Its thickness sets are 18mm, 15mm, 12mm and 10 mm thick. It is made to measure with bright selection of AZW colors.

3. Mahkota series- It combines both style and durability. It has a robust build quality and good for high volume to meet everyday demands. It is 18mm thick with powder coated fittings, ceiling Hung and anti trap latches and hinges.

4. Pendekar series- Most of its specifications are similar to those of Tuah series. It provides a complete dividing panel with wide standard colors. It has three sets of thickness 18mm, 15mm, 12mm and 10mm thick. It is made to measure with either stainless steel or nylon accessories.

Azam Wira Sdn Bhd concentrates more on making sure their customers are happy. Their services are reliable and efficient while their products are cost effective to match the budgets of most homeowners. It is obvious that you want a quality and attractive urinal panel that suits your needs. Then consider Azam Wira Sdn Bhd for they consider your requests and deliver accordingly.